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The first session will include...
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Your first session will often last longer than subsequent sessions, typically between 1 1/2 and 2 hours. I will need to assess your health by asking many questions, some of which may seem at first to be unrelated to your symptoms.

During this process, I will gather information about your health history, family health, the way you live, eat, sleep and so on. This provides valuable information about any patterns of disharmony.

A physical examination is also common and may involve blood pressure reading, abdominal palpation, structural assessment as well as analysis of the structure, colour, coating and markings of the tongue. The tongue provides a valuable indication as to the state of your health.

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In addition, I will feel your pulses on both wrists, noting strength, rate, rhythm and qualities of the pulses in order to understand more about the movement of Qi in your body.

Depending upon this assessment, I may also decide to use a further diagnostic technique involving the insertion of very fine acupuncture needles superficially into the back, in order to gather further information about your health. This is a very simple treatment and for those who have never had acupuncture before, is a very gentle introduction to this method of healing.

It is important that you bring along details of any medication (including dosages) that you may be taking.

Please avoid wearing any perfume, aftershave, scented cosmetics or body-sprays on the day you visit the clinic. Avoid alcohol and try to avoid eating a big meal just before your appointment  but please do not come for a treatment on an empty stomach - we recommend you eat something light prior to your appointment.

Try and make arrangements so that you can relax fully after your treatment; in this way, you will gain the maximum benefit from your treatment.

Occasionally you may feel tired or drowsy for a few hours after treatment, so please take care if you are driving home.

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